Home Pottery Painting

Pottery Painting is a great way of relaxing and being creative at the same time.

You can now enjoy this in the comfort of your own home with one of our Home Pottery Painting Boxes.

We always have a great selection of Bisque pieces for you to choose from for both adults and children.

Create you own personalised mug or plate to celebrate a special occasion or decorate your own magical Mermaid or Unicorn from our children's range.

Available as a small box project or larger numbers for a party or event.

How does it work?

You choose the pieces you want to decorate

We provide you with the glazes, brushes and other equipment you need.

You take them home to decorate

Once you have finished your piece, return them to be dipped and fired in our kiln.

We call you to come and collect your finished pieces.

Cost per finished item is £15 - £20

*Some specialist items can cost more

For more information and to to book your home Pottery Painting Box


01600 891 440